Site Development Plan

Community Center Site Development Plan

The Site Plan was approved by the BOT on January 6, 2015 and the first two phases are in process and the Town is working on funding.  



Phase 1 

Phase 1 of site planUndertake an analysis of the hydrology of the site and the drainage basins above the site that feed into it.  Understand both surface and ground water flows, their impacts on the site and its systems.  Analyze the hydrology of the hillside below the NCC site to understand impacts of outflows on downstream properties.

Assess and analyze vegetation across the site and its interrelationship to site hydrology.

Create and engineered plan aligned with this master plan that seeks to eliminate damaging flow into, across and out of the site. Address issues of volume and velocity.  Improve groundwater recharge and create opportunities for filtration and improved water quality.  

Cost of Phase 1: $20, 653



Phase 2

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 12.58.36 PMParking, storm water, and trail improvements on the south and east property lines.

Excavate and remove the western side of the existing berm on the east edge of the parking lot to create additional width two double loaded aisles of parking.  Construct a retaining wall to support the remaining portion of the berm and direct storm water to retention areas along the south property line.  Surface the parking area with a previous system of concrete pavers underlain by proper subcourses.  Stripe the lot for efficient parking -51 spaces.  Maintain and protect landscaping on the east side of the berm.

Construct site retaining walls along the south property line to increase storm water retention area.  Construct a new trail that winds through the site walls.  the site walls also channel storm water outfall along topography to reduce speeds and limit impact.

Landscape the south edge of the site.

Site walls create a foreground to views of the NCC from the commercial district below and create a sense of arrival when reaching the NCC site at the top of the trail.

Cost of Phase 2: $608,543



History and Information About the Site Plan

To see the complete plan go here.

The plan puts forth overall concepts for site development for the next 30 years. This phased long-term plan for the site addresses drainage, traffic flow, neighborhood connectivity, the west wing area, landscaping, parking, and other considerations for the Community Center. The planning project also includes estimated costs and funding advice related to the various proposed 2 phases.

This holistic approach replaces the west wing-centric planning in order to expand beyond the use needs of the Community Center and into an understanding of the facility’s place within the community and the ecological integration of the site. The recommendations are the result of more than a year’s worth of work by the committee, including reviewing and synthesizing the several planning processes for the west wing and the overall Community Center over the years. The committee worked with the planning/architectural and engineering consultants to devise a plan that was also reviewed and commented upon by the public.The committee’s work is now complete. The committee was comprised of Chairman Dale Porter, former Trustee Ledge Long, Susan Davis Churches, Roger Cornell, Jennifer Davis, Marylou Harrison, Dan and Linda Glasser, and Alisha Reis.  More explanation here.

The recommended plan would be phased in over many years. This allows the BOT and the NCC Foundation to budget for each phase and seek outside funding.

The Board of Trustees submitted the Plan to the Ned Review Process, through which relevant commissions and boards looked at the plan and commented on its features.